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My name is Aisling (I'm on the right) and Dani is on the left.  This photo was taken at Shambala Music Festival 2023, where we dressed as an interactive 'Splattered Canvas' For fancy dress :-) 

We met in 2017 whilst working in the same Reggio Emilia inspired International School in Singapore; where I worked as an Atelierista (Art specialist) and Dani was an Educator. 

I have spent my career advocating for the recognition of children's innate creativity and I believe that many adults missed out on the opportunity to explore art freely as a child. Dani is one of those adults - she was told not to bother pursuing art as a young child because she wasn't naturally talented enough. Though her own experience as an adult working alongside children, she started finding joy in art because art became synonymous with play; with play there is no pressure, or getting it wrong!


Together, we have devoted our lives to the importance of play, and we both firmly believe that it is a human need. We think that the adults of this world need a place to play, free of judgement, rules and to unleash their innate creativity - and so was the birth of The Splattered Canvas, where art is not just for artists and play is not just for children! 

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